Lyneham Steering Group (LSG) – Is Formally Stood Down

Lyneham Steering Group (LSG) – Is Formally Stood Down

The LSG was originally established in 2012 as part of the Military Civilian Integration Partnership (MCIP) to:

  • Bring together community and economy related groups who would be affected by the closure of RAF Lyneham and transition to Defence Technical Training to provide a ‘voice’ for their particular concerns, needs and priorities.
  • Offer a means to improve communication flows to ensure that all communications were timely, clear and consistent.
  • Take ‘ownership’ of the Lyneham Issues and Actions table, which reflected local concerns, so that they could be progressed to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Participate in the consideration of potential developments, pre-application discussions and planning briefs concerning the Lyneham site.
  • Produce appropriate reports on a periodic basis and a final report to the MCI Partnership Board on its activities and any recommendations arising from its work and to report on any significant matters as appropriate.

The Terms of Reference stated that the Steering Group will conclude its work when Defence Technical Training is up and running (which is now starting to be realised – see MOD briefing to the RWB&C Area Board). The group last met on 14th January 2014. The notes from that meeting are available at the following link:  It was agreed that a review should be undertaken to assess the effectiveness of communication. This was undertaken by the chair of the group some months ago and key members of the group. It was concluded that there was no need to continue with the Lyneham Steering Group as there are now other mechanisms inheavy equipment place for dealing with matters arising, notably MOD will assume responsibility for addressing day to day issues arising from the public / local communities associated with the Lyneham development and issues can be raised at appropriate Area Boards (or via the local Wiltshire Council member) which will continue to provide briefs on the new college.

Keeping the community updated

  • Captain Bob Rusbridger has kept the RWB & C Area Board updated as to progress of the development through attendance at Area Board meetings. There is a page on the RWB & C Our Community Matters blog site dedicated to the Defence College of Technical Training where any relevant information can be stored
  • Any updates to Planning Conditions are sent to all relevant Parish Councils for comment
  • Other locally organised groups are now in existence e.g. Lyneham Business Buddies
  • Events have been organised by local Chamber of Commerce to inform people of opportunities arising from DCTT

Now the establishment is entering its operational phase, in the unlikely event that it is deemed necessary for the Lyneham Steering Group to reconvene, arrangements will be put in place to make this happen and former stakeholders engaged by the group will be informed.


Chair of the LSG.

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