Last chance to give us your views on dog fouling in your area

Last chance to give us your views on dog fouling in your area

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time already to complete our Dog Fouling survey. The survey will close next Friday so this is your last chance to have your say – your views really are important and will help us to know what you would like to see being done to tackle the issue.

If you live in the Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade area, including the surrounding villages, please take a few moments to complete this short survey. Your responses will be presented to the Area Board at its next meeting on 27 November and will help the Area Board to decide what action should be taken.

Please click here to access the survey, or click on ‘find out more’ below.

Many thanks for taking part and please pass this survey on to your friends, family, neighbours or anyone else from the area who you think would also like to have their say on this matter.

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  2. Gary Downie

    Good morning,

    We will soon be launching a nationwide dog fouling initiative with Ordnance Survey and perhaps there maybe potential for your involvement.

  3. Mike Sharpe

    My concern is specific to the rugby club playing fields at Ballards Ash.We have tried to exercise our duty of care to our players, who range fro 5 years old to adults. We currently request that dog owners keep their pets on a lead and off the pitches but this is widely ignored, usually when no-one is in attendance at the club. Sometimes it’s even more brazen: Last year I witnessed a dog owner allowing her animal to foul one end of the pitch whilst a match was in progress at the other end! That’s extreme but it’s not a valid argument to say that cleaning up after your pet is sufficient: No dog owner would want to lay bare hands on the area from which dog faeces have been removed so pity our players whose sport involves rolling around on the surface. Cuts and grazes are inevitable in our sport and are very vulnerable to infection from faecal matter. Sadly therefore, despite being an owner of 2 dogs myself, I see a complete ban as inevitable.

  4. Una Gibson

    I as a shop owner have found it very distressing to find that a dog has continually been allowed to relieve itself on my plant container at the front of the shop. Subsequently the container is now rusted and will have to be removed. I am reluctant to replace the container as it will no doubt happen again. It appears the owner of the dog who lives on the high street is unwilling to take it out for a walk. Such a pity as I felt it was my contribution to brightening up the high street and supporting Bloomers in their quest for continued success in the Britain in Bloom competition.

  5. Clive Wilce

    I tried to enter the dog fouling survey but it said it was closed so I decided to add it here.. I am a dog lover and I am an owner of a dog myself. The golden rule for me is ‘always pick up’ after my dog has done his toilet. It is just not fair to others and it is just unpleasant and unhealthy. That said there are some in our community that will never pick up.
    To tackle the problem of dog fouling Cricklade Town Council organised a fantastic dog awareness campaign and I would commend the scheme to other Councils as it was really effective. Some dog owners however seem to be starting to forget. I think the Council is about to ‘kick start’ the scheme again. I certainly hope so.

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